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The creation of Taam Water, and the inspiration to bring it to the marketplace was based on an experience our founder had while traveling outside of the United States. Here is the real account of what happened.


The Eighth Cup

Health advisers tell us on a regular basis, that it is recommended for good health to drink a minimum of eight cups of water a day.

I found it a bit difficult each day to reach the "Eighth Cup," as I would get tired of drinking plain water. For our children it is even more of a challenge, as they live in a world of flavor, but we know we should all drink this quantity each and every day.

While on a trip, I was sitting in an airport cafeteria, and was behind that day in the amount of water that has been suggested to drink. I noticed a certain water on the menu, and ordered it as it appeared to be a bit different than just plain spring water.

As I opened the bottle and experienced a pleasant aroma first, and the excellent fruit taste next, I inexplicably shouted out "WOW! – This is the answer to my prayers." A few people nearby were startled by this exclamation, but I explained to them my discovery. Now I felt certain that to reach "The Eighth Cup," and perhaps beyond, I could accomplish this with pleasure. On that moment, I made a pledge to bring this same experience to all that shared my wish for good health.

I noticed on the nutrition label that it contained an excessive amount of sugar and calories that I did not need or want. So, my inspiration was, to develop a freshly flavored spring water without any calories.

To accomplish this tasty marriage of flavor and zero calories I spent several years developing a product that I was proud to name it TAAM, meaning TASTE! A product that would quench your body's thirst pleasurably.

TAAM, the water you and your family can enjoy everyday, knowing you do not have to give up taste to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Taam Team

From that moment of discovery, the TAAMs TEAM was formed and the work of bringing our products to you was commenced. You are holding the result of our collective efforts. We thank you for trying TAAM.