• 1 Lightly Flavored
  • 1 Freshly Squeezed
  • 1 Mountain Spring
  • 1 Natural Water
  • 1 Zero Calories
man drinking taam water

Our Water

Our water is sourced directly from a mountain spring, which is located in the middle of over a thousand protected acres of lush forest. There are no homes, buildings, construction, or any man-made disturbances that can affect the quality of our spring. We only use pure spring water as opposed to filtered water. In spring water, there are never any chemicals introduced to the water, like Chlorine, that adds negative effects.

Minerals become dissolved in the water as it moves through the underground mountain rocks. This is why spring water is often bottled and sold as mineral water. Water from natural springs is usually crystal clear, and we never add colorings to it. However, some springs may be colored by the minerals that are dissolved in the water.

The water that we use is captured before it reaches the surface and piped right to our silos. Until you unscrew the cap of your bottle, Taam water is not exposed to outside air. Very few natural waters can honestly make that claim.

Our Taste

Imagine, how wonderful it would be to put the delightful zero-calorie natural flavor of fruit together with the healthy refreshment of clear spring water and call it a beverage? After all, water by itself, while always refreshing, can get boring. An unfortunate fact, since it's something we need plenty of - every day. That's where Taam natural flavored water steps in to revive your interest in pure water.

Our water is comprised of very minimal ingredients. Pure spring water and natural fruit essences are the secret of our delicate recipe. With no sugar, there are no calories. TAAM water makes the perfect refreshing, yet healthy drink.

We strongly believe that there's not a better and tastier way for you and your families to get your full complement of water each day.

If there is anything worth raising a glass to, it's Taam water!

Enjoy every day Freshly Squeezed Water™