Mayor Bloomberg Praises TAAM Water

Over a political breakfast, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Brooklyn community leaders, had the opportunity to taste TAAM Water. Since the Mayor was campaigning for the Calorie Drink Ban, he viewed this as evidence of his belief that there is a way to have refreshing drinks with zero calories. As you can see on the video, the Mayor praises TAAM Water which indeed has no calories. With Naturally Flavored TAAM Spring Water, the Mayor raises his glass and wished a L'chaim to all participants at the event.

Taam water joins the worldwide Kosherfest 2012

Natural, healthy and gluten-free products continue to grow among new kosher product categories, as an estimated 18 million people in the US are sensitive to gluten. 'Kosher' now appears on more new products than any other claim. And, more and more kosher foods are available in unexpected places, from Six Flags Great Adventures, to Madison Square Garden." TAAM water proudly attended this show, as close to 20,000 participants had an opportunity to get to know and really enjoy a bottle of TAAM water.

Taam Water's Award Winning 2013

It's no wonder that TAAM Water was chosen to be the winner of the GD USA 2013 Artwork and Branding competition. Between 6,000 participants who joined the contest from all over the USA, this was the bottle that was pulled out in the food and beverage category. TAAM Water has truly proven an extraordinary packaging design. While it's up to date modern look, the refreshing fruits appeal to the eye and heart of its drinkers.